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Carolina Boarders is a reputable cat rescue organization that was established to help rescue abandoned, neglected, and abused cats in the region.

Our team of compassionate volunteers is dedicated to providing safe and loving homes for cats that have been left behind. Our mission is to ensure that every cat we take in is provided with the proper care they deserve.

We work tirelessly to give every rescued cat a chance to have a happy and fulfilling life by matching them with loving new owners. In addition, we provide educational resources to the community on responsible pet ownership and the importance of spaying and neutering to decrease the number of unwanted cats in the area.

At Carolina Boarders, we believe in the importance of the human-animal bond and strive to strengthen it with every rescue and adoption we conduct. We are always committed to our cause and will continue to rescue and rehome cats in need. 

Join us in advocating for the welfare of cats and consider adopting your next furry family member from Carolina Boarders.

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Pawsitively Rescuing Feline Friends: The Carolina Boarders Cat Rescue Organization


Carolina Boarders, a cat rescue organization that has been tirelessly serving our community.

Carolina Boarders provides a safe haven for abandoned and neglected cats, giving them a second chance at life. Their dedicated team of volunteers works around the clock to provide shelter, food, medical care and love to these animals. They also work hard to find loving homes for these cats.

We Are 501c3 Non Profit

However, running a non-profit organization like this requires a lot of resources, and they heavily rely on donations from kind-hearted individuals like yourself. Your contributions can make a huge difference in the lives of these furry friends who are in dire need of help.

I urge you to please consider making a donation to Carolina Boarders today, every little bit counts. Your generosity will go a long way in supporting this noble cause and helping cats in need.

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